SEP Beauty is a K-beauty cosmetics brand offering smart and chic makeup products which are also sustainable in terms of ingredient, packaging, and brand value, pursuing to be Korea’s true & first Smart Beauty brand. SEP Beauty is created for smart ladies who want simple, convenient but expressive lifestyle with value.

Our signature makeup kit MOTT offers a perfect daily makeup change with a compact handy sized module. We will keep inventing new makeup products which can provide high performance like intense colors, glow and long lasting coverage with one touch, and multi function for saving time, space, and money.

SEP has been one of the most beloved makeup brands among Asian women, achieving sales of USD $100 million since 2008. Now, SEP Beauty would advocate of all women in the world expressing themselves in a smart way.


We suggest your lifestyle simple and convenient with our Smart makeup products.
Our first invention, LIPSTICK X line is in pursuit of conscious beauty as it is eco-friendly as well as ingredient-conscious. It boasts bold, ultra-pigmented colors developed with natural ingredients and natural oil-rich formula to nourish the lips.

We try to shorten your makeup time and effort by suggesting a perfect color palette, simplifying the steps and offering easy tutorial to follow. And also the packages are minimally designed to carry easily.

Every season, we never cease to showcase bold and unique colors.
Our products are softly applicable and lightweight, innovative in texture and comfortable on skin.