"Makeup is all about transforming into nobody but your true self."


SEP Beauty is a K-beauty cosmetics brand offering chic, high-performance makeup products which are also sustainable in therms of ingredient, packaging, and brand value, pursuing to be Korea’s true & first Conscious Beauty brand. Under the slogan ‘Beautiful Confidence’, SEP Beauty is created for strong and sophisticated women who are forward-thinking, socially engaged, and self-expressive in all aspects.

Its signature Lipsticks boasts bold, ultra-pigmented colors developed with natural ingredients and natural oil-rich formula to nourish the lips, while leaving out harmful ingredients such as parabens,  triethanolamine, and benzy | alcohol.


Your mom is the best chef in the world because whatever she cooks tastes just right. Your favorite T-shirt goes nicely with just about anything and you can wear it wherever you go. Your makeup pouch is the perfect assortment of anything you would need whether you are having a bad hair day or you woke up too late and need a quick makeup fix. You like things the way they are because they are just right and perfect.

So you care. You care about the environment, you care about the world you live in and belong to. You care about your family and friends, and you care about what you do and how you look. Where you visit, what you eat, what you post on Instagram, and what you buy and wear are expressions of who you are and how you want to be reflected. Eco-conscious, health-conscious, fashion-conscious, and beauty-conscious-always making a conscious effort to make this world a better place, and always conscious of what makes who you are.

We hear about all these moisturizers and cleansers being natural, non-toxic, sustainable, and environmentally friendly, while being free from synthetic fragrances, parabens, animal testing… and the list goes on. So you are all eyes and ears on the danger of body burden and toxic chemical exposure, and whole-heartedly believe in the importance of sustainability at this time and age when you are basically inhaling and absorbing pollutants and toxins. But what about all those lipstick I am eating with my b-fast, lunch, dinner, and like endless cups of coffee? They can’t be good… can they?